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I help private companies to improve, redefine and capture more value from their strategic processes.     This can be through a combination of desk research and stakeholder engagement, through interim management or just close dialogue with the management team, or through facilitating strategic journeys towards any clearly defined goal, from strengthening function areas or procedures though clarifying brand and communication platforms and strategies to actual turn-around processes.

My role when working for public sector organisations varies from facilitating strategy or change processes to developing and deploying campaigns, training programmes and initiatives - from helping  the Greek Industrial Property Organisation to build awareness of the role of and value creation through design in Greece via facilitating annual strategy workshops for City of Copenhagen's Innovation House, to running workshops and training courses for the regional Business Oulu in Finland.

Having spent more than a decade as CEO of an NGO, I have gathered some valuable experience at how such organisations operate and how strategies are built, including public affairs and policy making processes.

This experience has benefitted my work for BEDA ( Bureau of European Design Associations ) as well as the Danish trade union for architects and designers, FAOD, Design denmark, and the creative industries hub in the Oslo region in Norway, Nesoddparken.

From 2014 to 2021, as an honorary position, I precided over the Norwegian-Danish Chamber of Commerce and Culture in Copenhagen.

From 2020, I have been on the board of the Danish Design Panel, appointed by Design Denmark, whose Governance Board, I've been a member of since 2016.
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