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Non-governmental  organisations

Having spent more than a decade as CEO of a NGO, I have gathered some valuable experience at how such organisations operate and how strategies are built, including public affairs and policy making processes.

This experience has benefitted my work for BEDA ( Bureau of European Design Associations ) as well as the Danish trade union for architects and designers, FAOD and the creative industries hub in the Oslo region in Norway, Nesoddparken.
Since 2014, as an honorary position, I have also precided over the Norwegian-Danish Chamber of Commerce and Culture in Copenhagen.

This is what some NGO clients have said about our collaboration:

I have worked with Steinar on different projects for BEDA since 2012. In that experience I  have benefitted more than once from Steinar's lengthy and qualitative experience in the European Design community and his ability to reach out to a vast and rich network that includes influential policy makers, lobbyists and trade associations in relation to creative industry and design practitioners. Steinar's deliveries are of consistently high quality and relevance, whether in the form of surveys and follow-up reports, facilitating workshops or developing policy papers and strategy recommendations. Therefore I warmly recommend working with Steinar in any project related to the European Creative Industries.
Kitty de Jong, Board Member, BEDA ( Bureau of European Design Associations )