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Public sector organisations

My role when working for public sector organisations varies from facilitating strategy or change processes to developing and deploying campaigns, training programmes and initiatives - from helping  the Greek Industrial Property Organisation to build awareness of the role of and value creation through design in Greece via facilitating annual strategy workshops for City of Copenhagen's Innovation House,   to running workshops and training courses for the regional Business Oulu in Finland.

This is what some public sector clients have said about our collaboration:
Steinar's contribution to our effort to promote Greek Design has proven more than valuable. His inspiration, experience and expertise has helped us make many important steps in the field of design  - both as an organization, but also as a country. We still receive positive feedback after both our exhibition in 2013 and after the series of seminars in 2016. We hope that we can continue our joint efforts to develop and promote design in Greece, as we trust that we always achieve our goals when working together with Steinar - for one basic reason; he knows every important aspect of design, he truly believes in it and he really loves it…
Eri Manousou, Head of Communication, Hellenic Industrial Property Organisation