Speaking, lectures & workshops

After working with creative processes, creative practitioners and development of educational programmes, projects and policies for the the creative industries for two decades, I also have a few stories to tell. I speak at conferences - academic as well as non-academic, at private sector gatherings and at any other relevant event. The themes that I'm most often asked to share my views and experiences on are
  • Front end innovation and design thinking
  • Branding, communication strategies and storytelling
  • Design practise in an era of disruption

This is some of what has been said said about our my speaking engagements:

We have now been through all the evaluation forms from our International Marketing Seminar last week, and it’s a pleasure to inform you that your contribution got a very good score. It’s always something special to have external contributors at internal corporate events, and we’re more than happy to conclude that the participants valued yours.
Bo Westergård, Marketing Project Manager, Oticon A/S – Denmark

Visiting you turned out to be the highlight of our study trip to Copenhagen, not least because you addressed so clearly the challenges that we face in our own organization.  
Einar Wiig, Dean, Bergen National Academy of the Arts – Norway

Thank you for a great intervention yesterday! We’ve had lots of positive feedback on the event, so we think it’s absolutely wonderful.
Kaja Misvær, Service Innovation Manager / Partner, Designit Oslo – Norway

Thank you for stepping in on such short notice yesterday. It was a fantastic intervention and a great contribution to the following debate!
Ida Engholm, Associate Professor, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts - School of Design

It was really an honour to have you as our guest during GoingGreenGlobal week. Thank you very much for sharing your great knowledge with us!
Nada Maticic, Founder and Dean, Faculty of Design, Slovenia


01/03: Paris, France

11/03: Porto, Portugal

06/06: Taipei, Taiwan

07/06: Kyoto, Japan

09/06: Talllin, Estonia

12/06: Uppsala, Sweden

01/07: Paris, France

06/07: Taipei, Taiwan

10/07: Hämenlinna, Finland

04/08: Istanbul, Turkey

06/08: Bergen, Norway

10/08: Paris, France

03/09: Essex, UK

01/09: Paris, France 

11/08: Torino, Italy

05/10: Tel Aviv, Israel

05/10: Jerusalem, Israel

11/10: Bruxelles, Belgium

04/11: Umeå, Sweden

05/11: Porto, Portugal

09/12: London, UK

12/12: Athens / Thessaloniki, Greece

10/13: Riga, Lithuania

10/13: St. Petersburg, Russia

11/13: Johannesburg, South Africa

12/13: Athens, Greece                                                                                       

09/15: Oslo, Norway

03/14: Potsdam, Germany

11/15: Johannesburg, South Africa

09/16: Oulu, Finland

10/16: Syros / Athens / Thessaloniki, Greece

11/16: Ljubljana, Slovenia

01/17: Tirana, Albania

05/17: Ljubljana, Slovenia

03/18: Ljubljana, Slovenia

10/18: Ljubljana, Slovenia

05/19: Bergen, Norway

06/19: Ljubljana, Slovenia

10/20: Budapest, Hungary ( digitally )

12/20: Boston, USA ( digitally )

02/21: Ljubljana, Slovenia ( digitally )

04/21: Ravensbourne, UK ( digitally )

10/21: Ljubljana, Slovenia