My name is Steinar Valade-Amland.

I trained as an market economist, and after more than  30 years of professional practice,  I have accumulated extensive and valuable experience from a wide range of industries and manegerial roles within marketing and sales, communication, PR and advocacy - leading to the design industry as an account director and later CEO of one of Denmark's leading brand design agencies, culminating in the role of spokesperson for the Danish design community, heading Danish Designers - parallel with holding numerous honorary positions.


Since 2012, I have acted as an independent consultant, workshop moderator, conference speaker and EU expert evaluator, reporter and reviewer. I authored numerous articles and book contributions, amongst others with 15 articles to the Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Design, out in 2015.


My latest book, DESIGN: A BUSINESS CASE - Thinking, Leading, and Managing by Design written together with Brigitte Borja de Mozota, is now out in English, Hindi and Korean. Read more here.