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Some time ago, I was asked by Marcel Kampman to share some of my ideas and thinking for his webcast called the Happyplaces Project. This is what came out of it. 

Who am I... ?


My name is Steinar Valade-Amland.


I trained as an economist focusing on management and marketing. Through more than 30 years of professional practice, I have gathered extensive and valuable experience from various industries with sales, marketing and PR, export and product management - leading to the design industry as an account director and later CEO of one of Denmark's leading brand design agencies.

From 2000 and until 2012, I headed Danish Designers - parallel with holding numerous honorary positions and being in demand as speaker, guest lecturer, commentator and columnist, workshop moderator and process facilitator in Denmark and abroad.

Since 2012, I have acted as an independent consultant, workshop moderator, conference speaker and EU expert evaluator, reporter and reviewer. Moreover, I am the author of INNOLITERACY - from design thinking to tangible change ( DK ) as well as numerous articles and book contributions, amongst others with 15 articles to the Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Design, published in 2015.